“Seek Your Home in Heaven!”

Dear Christian, you must remember that in this world you have “no continuing city, but you must seek the one to come” in heaven. (Hebrews 13:14) For example, John Chrysostom said, “If the Empress wishes to banish me, let her do so; ‘the earth is the Lord’s.’ If she wants to have me sawn asunder, I have Isaiah for an example. If she wants me to be drowned in the ocean, I think of Jonah. If I am to be thrown into the fire, the three men in the furnace suffered the same. If she wants me to be stoned, I have before me Stephen, the first martyr. If she demands my head, let her do so; John the Baptist shines before me. For ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I leave this world.’”

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