“Grow in the Knowledge of Christ!”

“Learn to know Him more in the beauty of His holy, spotless life of obedience and self-sacrifice. Learn to know Him in the greatness of His humiliation and sufferings. Learn to know Him in the unspeakable benefits of His Cross. Learn to know Him as a justifying Redeemer, clothing His people with His spotless robe of merit and righteousness. Learn to know Him as a living Redeemer, the living One, who can never die. Learn to know Him as the ascended, exalted, glorified Redeemer, the great Head of His Church, and the great Advocate and High Priest of all who draw near to the Father through Him. Learn to know Him as a conquering Redeemer, who overcame sin, and the world, and death, and all the powers of darkness and who will no less overcome them in each of His own little flock. Learn to know him as the Coming One, as He who shall come to reign over earth and Heaven!”  ~ George Everard

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