“The LORD Is My Portion!”

“There are two passages in the Scripture which ought never to be separated. One is: The LORD’s portion is His people. (Deut. 32:9). That is God’s side. And the other passage is this; The LORD is my portion.” (Lam. 3:24)

“God and I possess each other. God finds His portion in His people, and His people find their portion in God. His heart is mine; for He loves me. His ear is mine; for I may pour into it all my tales of sorrow and all my songs of joy. His eyes are mine; for they watch me from morning until night. His hand is mine; for it is stretched out to uphold me. This God is mine; in all His glorious perfections!”

“Oh, He is a God of infinite glory. Abased in the very dust, and half bewildered by the thought, I yet dare to look up, and say, This God is my God forever and ever! He will be my guide even until death!” (Psalm 48:14)


By Archibald Brown, “This God Our God!”


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