“True Growth in Grace!” 

“To you therefore who believe, He is precious!” 1 Peter 2:7

“The word ‘precious’ has a stronger meaning than appears on its surface;it is really ‘To you who believe, He is preciousness,’ or all-precious. Christ is . . .
sun which ever shines;
garden which is always full of flowers and fruits;
hive ever full of honey;
fountain which is always full;
brook which never dries;
rose that always blooms;
an ocean of sweetness without a drop of gall.”

“To the child of God, a personal living Christ is most dear.
He is not satisfied with a mere love for Christ’s doctrines,
Christ’s promises, or Christ’s gifts. His affections entwine themselves round about Christ’s person. Jesus is to him his brother, friend, companion, the one with whom he walks and talks.”

By Archibald Brown, “He is Precious! www.gracegems.org/2015/07/growth.html

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