“Eternally Preserved in Christ”

“A man sometimes goes from home, and sometimes he does not quite leave his house. There is much difference between those two. If a man leaves his house and comes no more, then he carries away all his goods…. But though a man ride a great journey, yet he may come again; and ye say, “Surely he will come again.” Why? Because still his goods, wife and children are in his house. So if Christ rejects a man and go away finally, He carries away all His goods, spiritual gifts, graces and principles. But though He be long absent, yet if His household stuff abide in the heart— if there be the same desires after Him, and delight in Him, and admiring of Him—ye may say, “Surely, He will come again.” Why? Because His household stuff is here still. When did Christ ever forsake a man in whose heart He left this spiritual furniture?”

By William Bridge, Inspirational Quotes, “Eternal Security” www.eternallifeministries.org/quotes.htm

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