“The Comfort in Election!”

“Both for unbelievers and believers, the doctrine of election is a source of inexpressibly great comfort. If it were based on justice and merit, all would be lost. But now that election operates according to grace, there is hope even for the most wretched. If work and reward were the standard of admission into the kingdom of heaven, its gates would be opened for no one . . . But to believe in and to confess election is to recognize even the most unworthy and degraded human being as a creature of God and an object of his eternal love. The purpose of election is not (as it is so often proclaimed) to turn off the many, but to invite all to participate in the riches of God’s grace in Christ. No one has a right to believe that he or she is a reprobate, for everyone is sincerely and urgently called to believe in Christ with a view to salvation . . . The salvation of human beings is firmly established in the gracious and omnipotent good pleasure of God.”

By Herman Bavinck “The Comfort in Election,” www.theoldguys.org/category/comfort.

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