“The Hypocrite’s Life!”

“The hypocrite’s life is sadly deficient. He speaks, it may
be, like an angel, but he has a covetous eye, or the gain
of unrighteousness is in his hand. His hand is white, but
his heart is full of rottenness (Matt 23:27), full of unmortified
cares, a very oven of lust, a shop of pride, the seat of malice!
It may be, with Nebuchadnezzar’s image, he has a golden
, a great deal of knowledge; but he has feet of clay.  His
affections are worldly, he minds earthly things, and his way
and walk are sensual and carnal.”

By Joseph Alleine, “The Hypocrite’s Life,” www.gracegems.org/28/alarm_to_the_unconverted10.htm

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