“My Needs and God’s Resources!”

“Acsah said: ‘Let me have another gift. You have already given me land in the South — now please give me springs of water also!’ So, Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs.” (Judges 1:15)

“‘Also’ — the word of Acsah, Caleb’s daughter, is the most common of words in the hungering and thirsting heart, and on the praying lips of the Christian.”

“God has done much for me. He has given me a south land, where the sun shines, where the fields are broad and rich, where grape-vines and olive trees and fig trees may flourish and yield their harvests.”

“But I am not yet at the end of my needs — or of His resources. He must give me also springs of water to quicken and revive everything. I have not attained. I am not fully satisfied. As giving as He has been — He is not wearied in bestowing, nor is His treasury depleted!”

“Back and back to Him I shall come — with new entreaties and new desires.
Back and back to me He will return — with new endowments and new love.”

By Alexander Smellie, “The Secret Place” 1907, www.gracegems.org/2014/08/resources

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