“If God Had Not Helped Us!”

“Thou hast thrust sore at me that I might fall: but the LORD helped me.” (Psalm 118:13)

“The psalmist had been reviewing his toils, his trials, and his dangers; he commemorates his deliverances, his conquests, and his triumphs; and he ascribes the whole, to the help of God! If God had not helped him — his faith would have failed, his expectations would have been disappointed, and his foes would have prevailed. Through the Lord, he did valiantly; and now, with joyful heart, he records the loving-kindness of the Lord.”

“How sweet to look back upon the rough road, the bloody battle-field, the scenes of peculiar trial. Then, if ever, gratitude will work within us, and praises will flow from our tongues and hearts. Delivered from the mouth of the lion, and the paw of the bear — we thankfully acknowledge, ‘The Lord helped me!’  In looking back we see that we have needed help — and more help than any mere creature could afford us!”

“The daily cross,
the inward conflict,
the domestic troubles,
the perplexities of business,
the state of the church,
the affairs of the world —
have all combined to teach us that Divine help was necessary!”

By James Smith, “Treasures from James Smith,” www.gracegems.org/D/smith.htm

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