“Friends of Christ”

“‘You are my friends if you do whatever I command you.’” (John 15:14)

“There is something very sweet in the thought, that we may be Christ’s friends, and that he opens all his heart to us. The secret of the Lord is with those who fear him.” This means that if we are Christ’s friends—he takes us into the closest intimacy. Not many of us realize all that is possible, in the way of companionship with Christ. If we are on terms of unhindered friendship with him—we can indeed talk with him freely, intimately, as friend with friend.  ‘How does he talk with us?’ someone asks. A heathen convert said, ‘When I pray—I talk to Christ! When I read my Bible—Christ speaks to me!’  If we live close to Christ—the words of Scripture are very plain to us; Christ himself indeed speaks to us in them.”

By J. R. Miller’s “Year Book, a Year’s Daily Readings” January 8, 1895, www.gracegems.org.

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