“Be Meek!”

“To render evil for evil is brutish; to render evil for good is devilish; 
to render good for evil is Christian. ‘Blessed are the meek.’ (Matthew 5:5)
Meekness is a grace whereby we are enabled by the Spirit of God, to moderate our angry passions.  Meekness has a divine beauty and sweetness in it. This meekness consists in three things: the bearing of injuries, the forgiving of injuries, the recompensing good for evil. Meekness is opposed to: anger, malice, revenge and evil-speaking. Meekness is a great ornament to a Christian. ‘The ornament of a meek spirit—which is so precious to God!’ (1 Peter 3:4). How lovely is a saint in God’s eye, when adorned with this jewel! No garment is more befitting to a Christian, than meekness.  Therefore we are bid to put on this garment, ‘Put on therefore as the elect of God—meekness.’ (Colossians 3:12)”

By Thomas Watson, “The Beatitudes” 1660, www.gracegems.org

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