“God’s Marvelous Grace!”

Grace has been defined by some as merely “unmerited favor.”  But as we examine “grace” with greater scrutiny in the Scripture, we find God’s grace in a Biblical sense is God’s sovereign act of free mercy upon sinners, when they are deserving of eternal condemnation due to their rebellion and sins. Joseph Alleine brings to light the great riches of God’s grace when he said, “God finds nothing in man to turn His heart, but enough to turn His stomach; He finds enough to provoke His loathing, but nothing to excite His love.”   Man by nature is dead in trespasses and sins and is likened in Ezekiel 16:4-9 to a baby taken from the womb and cast into a field, and left to die.   But God moved by His sovereign grace looks upon the helpless sinner as the babe cast in the field and left to die, “saying now is the time of love, I say unto you live.” (Ezk. 16:6) So also, all who find true repentance and faith to believe the gospel, are quickened by God and He says to them “LIVE.” It is God’s marvelous grace alone that raises the spiritually dead to eternal life.

Pastor Jonathan Merica, Calvary Reformed Church, Stockton, CA

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