“I Shall Come Forth as Gold!”

“It is divine love which prepares the furnace, kindles the flame, brings the Christian into it, superintends the whole process, and brings him out as gold, seven times purified! So then, ‘When he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.’” (Job 23:10)  ~ James Smith                                                                                   

“Having Jehovah as Your God!”

“With Jehovah as your God His mercy will supply all of your needs. His power will conquer all of your foes. His wisdom will direct all of your ways. His faithfulness will answer all of your prayers. His justice will maintain your cause. His infinite love and mercy will be displayed in all of His gracious dealings with you!  ~ James Smith


“Heaven is before you! Soon the last tear will fall from your eye. Soon the last pang will convulse your body. Soon, oh how soon, will you ‘see the King in His beauty,’ the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you . . . died for you, ransomed you, and loves you still! Soon you will fall at His feet, and be raised in His arms, [Continue Reading…]