“Behold Jesus!”

“Behold Jesus, and do not doubt His love,  nor question His veracity, nor fear your foes, nor dread your heavenly Father’s wrath!  Behold Jesus, as the proof of God’s love to you,  the confirmation of all the promises made to you  and the pledge of all the blessings set before you.” ~ James Smith

“Discovering Christ in the Scriptures!”

“Blessed Lord Jesus! I will read and study and dig into the Scriptures, to find and learn more of You! You, Immanuel, are the fragrance of this divine box of precious ointment. You are the beauteous gem sparkling in this divine cabinet. You are the Tree of life planted in the center of this divine garden.  You are the Ocean whose stream quickens and nourishes all [Continue Reading…]

“Your Comfort in God!”

“God is called ‘the Father of compassion, and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles.’ (2 Cor. 1:3-4) He comforted Jacob when his bed was the cold ground, his pillow was a heap of stones, his covering was the canopy of the skies. When the patriarch awoke, he exclaimed, ‘Surely God is in this place!’”        ~ William Nicholson

“Christ’s Inseparable Love for You!”

“Beloved, nothing shall take the love of Christ from you or separate you from it. It does not ebb with the ebbing of your feelings; it does not chill with the chill of your affections; it does not change with the changing scenes and circumstances of your life.” (Octavius Winslow) Has He not promised you, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love: [Continue Reading…]