“God Cares for You!”

“How dear then to God’s heart are His own redeemed people! Chosen by the Father, redeemed by His Son, renewed by His Spirit, they are the sheep of His pasture, and His own beloved children as near and dear to Him as the apple of His eye.” By George Everard, “God’s Mindfulness of His Redeemed People,” 1885, www.gracegem.org.

“Our Riches in Christ”

“Christ is such a golden mine of wisdom, grace, and glory, which neither saints nor angels can ever fathom. There is both fullness and sweetness. Nor does a Christian only want necessities, because in Christ he has unsearchable riches.” By Thomas Watson, www.gracegem.org <pilgrim@gracegems.org>.

“Growing in Grace”

“When I speak of a man growing in grace, I mean simply that his sense of sin is becoming deeper, his faith is becoming stronger, his hope is becoming brighter, his love is becoming more extensive, and his spiritual-mindedness is becoming more marked.” By J. C. Ryle, www.gracegems.org